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Why product building experience sucks

The experience of building products in itself is broken.

Unnecessarily complex, full of subpar processes and tools leads to :

  • The constant trade-off between design, QA, and all other essential product building requirements
  • Huge efforts in maintaining documentation at multiple places and for multiple processes
  • Loss in context between different everyday tasks, decisions, and experimentations
  • A high number of manual, repetitive tasks leading to the constant back and forth between different divisions and team members

In all this, the knowledge gained by a team over a period of time, instead of amplifying its effect and streamlining everything gets lost, the joy of building products gets lost.

Let's help you build the world's most customer-centric companies

Making your team knowledge accessible anytime and anywhere, useful, and most importantly "actionable"

Need for speed

Focussed on keyboard primitives and a snappy experience, built for teams that prioritize speed - not only in shipping stuff but also in everyday work.

Fit Products Forever

Make sure your product's health is always monitored and maintained automagically so you don't get bankrupt under a pile of design debts.

Your customers are your QA

No more second-guessing what problems your users are facing, spending time constantly updating outdated regression suites or fretting on funnels.

Single Source of Truth

Cut down on the unending back and forth between team members, the laundry list of complex processes, and subpar tools with the smart non-intrusive way of work.

Your team knowledge works for you

No more stale documents anywhere. Make them dynamic, make them actionable, make them "work" for you. Your team has invisible extra pairs of hands.

Collective, Contextual intelligence

Knowledge graphs - bringing the power of knowledge graphs to augment the everyday tasks in modern product teams.

Imagine having your "own work API" - a knowledge graph that consolidates everything asynchronously across your work stuff and abstracts away all the manual repetitive tasks intelligently giving you untethered freedom to focus on building stuff! With Workduck, we're looking to make Product development simple! Focus on what matters the most while testing, documentation, and your product's health is taken care of!

Workduck integrates with the tools you love

Workduck integrates with the tools you love Integrated with Jira, Github, Linear, Jenkins, Slack and more on the way!